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IDT Telecom is IDT Corporation's largest operating division, offering both retail and wholesale telecommunications services and generating over US$1.6 billion in annual revenues in the USA, Latin America, Europe and Asia in 2013. IDT Telecom offers its retail customers prepaid calling cards, consumer long distance, local and bundled phone services, and mobile phone service. We are the leading Global Provider for International Voice Termination, handling over 33 billion international minutes per year. Our wholesale business carries our own international traffic as well as international traffic from nearly all of the world's largest telecommunications companies.

IDT Telecom Asia Pacific is the regional operation of IDT Telecom - an operating division of IDT Corporation, an international telecom and technology company. IDT is a Fortune 1000 company with a growing and diverse stable of companies operating in a variety of industries. IDT's listing on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:IDT, IDT.C) underlines our financial strength and staying power.

IDT Asia was established in 2003. With our regional headquarters in Hong Kong, we have rapidly built our retail and wholesale business throughout the Asia Pacific region. We currently handle over a billion minutes a year of phone calls either originating or terminating in Asia. Our network is interconnected with nearly all of the major telecommunications operators in the region, and we offer retail international calling solutions in a number of markets in Asia. IDT Asia currently employs staff in Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Seoul, Tokyo, Taipei, Manila and Delhi.

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