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Promotional Phonecards

Enhance and extend your brand the smart way with IDT promotional Phonecards.

Looking for a creative way to enhance your branding strategy? IDT Phonecards are a great branding and promotional tool to extend the reach of your brand. Thousands of companies across the world have used the unique customisable nature of IDT Phonecards to reinforce their brand, and to help win and retain business.

Program Features:

  • Complements existing marketing programs
  • Great as a stand-alone Phonecard promotion
  • Offered as an incentive to purchase product or as part of a DM campaign
  • Create collectible cards
  • Place coupons on cards
  • Add voice messages to targeted card users
  • Fully customised card designs
  • Any denominated face value
  • Coupon or informational inserts
  • Custom rates to over 220 countries
  • Virtually limitless ideas and concepts

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Why IDT Calling Cards ?

  • High quality global calling at amazing low rates
  • Low per minute prices
  • 24 Hour Flat rate
  • Brought to you by IDT, a global legend in international calling

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